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5 Ways You Can Use QuickBooks' Income Tracker

The Income Tracker is one of QuickBooks’ more innovative features. If you’re not using it, you should be. One of the reasons that QuickBooks appeals to millions of small businesses is because it offers multiple ways to complete the same tasks, whic...
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Do You Have An Online Gambling Account?

If so, you should be aware that each United States person who has a financial interest in or signature or other authority over any foreign financial accounts, including bank, securities, or other types of financial accounts, in a foreign country, if th...
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A New Twist on Your Favorite Game Show

Article Highlights: Tax Issues of Being a Game Show Winner Setting Aside Winnings For taxes Prizes Are Taxed at Retail For Non-cash Winnings, The Taxes Come Out of Your Pocket We all have our favorite game shows ...
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Scammers Getting More Brazen

Article Highlights Taxpayers Receiving Bogus Call from Individuals Claiming To Be IRS Agents. Guidelines to Avoid Being a Victim of a Scam or ID Theft. Limit Accounts to Avoid ID Theft Exposure. We have previousl...
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Have You Reviewed Your Will or Trust Lately?

Your will or trust was prepared so that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after your death. These documents can also reduce estate taxes. However, certain events can cause these documents to become outdated and create family stre...
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Tax Tips for Recently Married Taxpayers

This is the time of year for many couples to tie the knot. If you marry during 2014, here are some post-marriage tips to help you avoid stress at tax time. Notify the Social Security Administration: Report any name change to the Social Se...
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The Earned Income Tax Credit: the IRS’s Nemesis

Article Highlights: EITC Fraud and Excess Claims  IRS Programs to Detect Fraud and Excess Claims  EITC Qualifications  Special Military Combat Pay Election  Years ago, Congress created the earned income tax credit (EITC) as a refundable t...
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Will the Affordable Care Act Impact Your Tax Return for 2014?

Article Highlights Individual health insurance mandate Penalty for not being insured  Premium assistance credit  Insurance premium subsidies  Repayment of excessive subsidies  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as Obamacare...
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