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At Hindsman-Davis, P.C., our team strives every day to provide superior accounting, business and financial services to all of our clients. Through innovative and creative services, we at Hindsman-Davis, P.C. make every effort to enable our clients to shape their futures and achieve financial success.

Hindsman-Davis, P.C. which is located at 1050 Forrest Avenue in Gadsden, Alabama, evolved from Hindsman, Hall & Storey, P.C.  which was formed June 1, 1995 from the firms Hindsman & Co., P.A. and Hall & Storey, P.C., two of the oldest firms in Northeast Alabama.  Our firm includes a team of highly qualified professionals capable of meeting all of your accounting, tax and business needs. We at H-D are proud to serve third generations of clients and look forward to continuing our business relationships for generations to come.

Our team at Hindsman-Davis, P.C. provides audit, accounting, tax, succession planning, estate planning and consulting services. At H-D, we focus on helping your business achieve superior performance. We understand the challenges facing our clients and strive to help them manage risk and take advantage of opportunities in today’s business environment. Our approach to exceeding your expectations requires a detailed understanding of the underlying issues, the collection and assessment of facts and a strong focus on meeting specific needs. We help our clients achieve their goals through a combination of skills and the proven experience of our accountants and professional staff.

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